On the way to highest precision

The air gets thinner at the top. This applies to the mountain world and, in a figurative sense, also to tool manufacture. In order to be able to produce precision parts with dimensional tolerances of only a few thousandths of a millimetre reliably and with repeatable accuracy, the prerequisites have […]

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Rebhan exhibits at MOULDING EXPO in Stuttgart

Things definitely didn’t stay as quiet as they seem in this picture from just before the gates opened to the MOULDING EXPO in Stuttgart from May 21 – 24, 2019. This exhibition has long since developed into the leading international trade fair for tool, model and mould manufacture. Reason enough […]

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Rebhan holds 1st place for SPE Automotive Award 2018

Along with our client Ros GmbH & Co. KG from Coburg, we are delighted to have been awarded the SPE Automotive Award 2018. The award-winning product was a one-piece thermostat housing made from a highly complex injection mould. The manufacturing and substantial collaboration regarding the mould design took place in-house. […]

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Domed cover for monitoring camera

Customer: Amper Plastik (Germany) Product: domed cover for security camera Material: Polycarbonat Requirements for the mould: evenness and concentricity within a tolerance of 0.02 mm in the area of the camera visible separation lines, inclusions and surface defects have to be avoided Mould design and features: 1-cavity injection mould with […]

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Hybrid mould for overmoulding a metal tube

Customer: Geka GmbH (Germany) Product: inner part for locking handle Material: PP and metal tube Requirements for the mould: pharmaceutical application for clean room production automated feeding of metal tube in the mould overmoulding of a metal tube with a 1.0 mm diameter Mould design and features: mould with sliders […]

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High class packaging for Maskara

Customer: Geka GmbH (Germany) Product: small size containers with different volumes for mascara packaging Material: various types of material (PE / PP / PET) Product requirements: high surface quality and overall aesthetics exact dimensions Mould design and features: injection blow moulds with up to 16 cavities high gloss polish  

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Rectangular jar with a wide thread

Customer: HK Cosmetic Packaging (Germany) Product: Rectangular jar for a hair care product Material: PP Product requirements: minimized radius in the area of the body edges exact dimensions especially in the thread area Mould design and features: 2-cavity injection blow mould matt surface  

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Pilot study of various Roll-On bottle designs

Customer: HPT Pharma Packaging (Germany) Product: „Big Ball” Roll-On bottle in 50 ml Material: PP Requirements for the mould: exact moulding of the fitment for exact and smooth ball bearing relaisation of 4 different bottle designs in one mould Mould design and features: 4-cavity injection blow mould with modular cavities […]

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Moulds for a complete packaging system

Customer: ID Hair Product: complete packaging system for a hair care product line in 200 ml and 250 ml sizes Material: PE for bottles and PP for closures Product requirements: smooth overall packaging design high functionality for different liquids modular mould system from one supplier Mould design and features: 3-cavity […]

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