On the way to highest precision

The air gets thinner at the top.

This applies to the mountain world and, in a figurative sense, also to tool manufacture. In order to be able to produce precision parts with dimensional tolerances of only a few thousandths of a millimetre reliably and with repeatable accuracy, the prerequisites have to be exactly right. This applies equally to the factors of man, machine and environmental conditions. For example, temperature fluctuations during the machining time of a workpiece have an unfavourable effect on the constancy of a closely toleranced dimensional accuracy (keyword thermal expansion or contraction). REBHAN has taken significant steps here with targeted investments.

Full air conditioning of the factory workshop

A first measure to create consistent processing conditions was to improve the shielding of the workshop against external influences such as solar radiation. On this basis, we designed an automatically controlled full air-conditioning system for the entire factory building and implemented it within a few weeks. As a result, the room temperature can now be kept constant within a range of max. +/- 1 Kelvin, which, in addition to consistent precision, also creates pleasant working conditions. 

New HSC machining centre

In this optimised environment, the capabilities of our machinery come into their own. The latest acquisition is an HSC machining centre “High Speed Eagle V5” from OPS Ingersoll, extensively equipped with, among other things, precision package 3, direct drive for 5-axis simultaneous machining and the “Multi Change” handling system.

On this machine we manufacture finished mould cavities as well as high precise electrodes.