The best of both worlds. The combination of an injected preform that will be blown into a hollow-body part in the same mould in an additional step offers a range of advantages, in particular, high dimensional accuracy in the neck of the hollow body. With machine and mould combined, injecting, blowing, stripping (and possibly conditioning) take place at the same time leading to a highly efficient and economical manufacturing process. 

Our product and service range for injection blow moulds can be characterised as follows:


  • Volumes from 2 ml up to approx. 1.000 ml

Construction types:

  • Pilot and pre-series moulds
  • Production moulds up to 20 cavities (modular cavity system as standard, by request also block version)
  • with or without a demoulding slider
  • in 3-station or 4-station process
  • for all common machine types (Novapax, Meccanoplastica, Uniloy, Jomar, etc.)

Typical applications:

  • Small bottles for use in pharmaceuticals
  • Mascara and lipgloss packaging
  • Wide neck containers
  • Roll-on bottles

Examples for injection blow moulds