Precision determines our thought process and our actions for each step, activity and component. This is of great importance to us, as an error or a lack of precision in the tool can multiply a hundred thousand times in batch production.

Striving to identify any possible errors and being strict about eliminating them in each project phase is central to our quality policy. Essentially, this is done by:

  • Reviewing the customer’s specifications and quality requirements
  • Collaborating with the customer for design meetings, on design optimisation and design approval
  • Internal kick-off meetings with project management, design personnel, CAM and toolmakers
  • Definition of the optimal production process considering quality and cost in the process-planning
  • Accompanying documents for components with info related to quality and milestone dates
  • Colour coding in 3D
  • Predictive maintenance of the machinery
  • In-process controls as well as documentation for the measurement results
  • A comprehensive function test of the tools during and after assembly   

Last but not least, each and every employee practices quality and implements it in their work. Consequently, areas such as employee training, workstation ergonomics, and occupational safety are all of high importance.

We support a QM system and are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.