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Rebhan manufactures moulds and tools for the plastic industry

Thinkers and doers for all your injection moulding and blow moulding manufacturing needs.

Our mission is to “mould” our customer’s new innovations into shape again and again – expertly precise, efficient and always reliable.

We offer a comprehensive service across the supply chain to do just that. We’ll take you from the support during product development, the construction and manufacturing of injection and blow moulds, right to mould trials, samplings and optimisation measures. To top it all off, we offer a flexible pick-up and delivery service as well as an after-sales service in the form of the repair and maintenance of moulds.

You ask, we deliver.

This is our guiding principle for our daily work. In times of increasingly short product lifecycles, we strive to offer you the shortest time-to-market as possible. When doing so, the quality of the product is given the highest priority as we work in the most cost-efficient manner.

Our project management team acts as a key point of contact that keeps together all the important elements for you, such as product quality, cycle time, deadline adherence and reliable deliveries. This team is also responsible for offering our customers a quick point of contact when it comes to progress reports, modification requests and all other areas related to the tooling project.

There is hardly an industry that we don’t have experience in.

Among our long-standing clients, there are small SMEs just as well as large international corporations. Therefore, the range of applications of the tools is extremely diverse. Along with companies in the automobile and packaging industries, buyers in medical engineering, electronics and the area of consumer goods also belong to our list of clients.

We can also easily manage larger projects.

For more sizeable projects, such as those with larger assemblies, entire tool packages are assigned to a supplier.

Rebhan Werkzeugbau is very familiar with such tasks and fulfils the necessary requirements. In this way, we are not limited by our own capacity; and instead, we have access to a qualified and experienced network of service providers. If necessary, this can also be by means of an “extended workbench” in the Far East.

Full service from the initial concept

 If you wish, we can support you completely with everything that is necessary to manufacture your plastic products. Your partner – from the initial concept right to the finished product.

Precision that moves

Dr. Matthias Rebhan

Managing Owner