Following the construction and production planning, the tool components are manufactured using our modern and well-equipped machinery.

In partially air-conditioned production areas, all the significant technologies are at hand. CNC milling, HSC milling, CNC turning, wire and die-sinking EDM, flat, round and coordinate grinding stand for quality and precision. Our key machines are automated and can thus run unmanned round the clock – cost effective for shorted project lead times.

For NC programming we use the most actual CAM software hyperMill® from OPEN MIND Technologies.

Our technical equipment allows us to create mould sizes up to 1,200 x 800 mm and / or with a weight of up to approx. 4 tonnes.

Good to know: Our capacity is also available for all kinds of contract manufacturing.

Some examples from our machinery:

An important all-rounder:

Our Hermle 5-axis machining centre C32 is equipped with a 7-fold pallet changer and an additional magazine with 88 tool stations.

Efficient small-batch manufacturing:

With the Indumatik Ultralight, up to 16 workpieces can be automatically fed to 5-sided milling processing.

Flexibility in eroding:

Each OPS Gantry Eagle 500 and 800 are operated by an Erowa Robot System with electrodes and workpieces in a production cell.

Perfectly round:

A Studer S31 is available for challenging cylindrical grinding work with high-accuracy requirements.

Useful rounding off:

With the Trumpf TruMark 5010 marking laser, components can be cleanly labelled, and the most delicate script can be added in the cavity

Without people, nothing would work:

Our employees’ expertise makes this advanced technology at all manageable. Not least because, despite all the technology, some craftsmanship is still required for tool making.