Thermostat housing for a 4-cylinder diesel engine

Ros GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

Thermostat housing for a 4-cylinder diesel engine in the Daimler group

Fibre-glass reinforced PPS

Product requirements:
A plastic and mould-friendly construction of a housing unit with an exceptionally complex geometry and a multitude of demoulding directions in order to complete manufacturing in one work flow allowing for tempering to stay within the target cycle time

Mould design and features:
The one-cavity injection mould includes a total of 18 individually controlled contours incl. sliders and core pulls that partly run into each other on multiple levels.

Contours, geometrical cross-over points and, in particular, the area of slider plates are modified in such a way that sharp corners, which are susceptible to wear and breakage due to the abrasive fibre glass PPS material used, can be avoided as much as possible.

Our customer, Ros, was awarded the GKV/TecPart Innovationspreis 2016 with this design