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2-component bearing shell for a gear shift

Customer: WOCO Industrietechnik GmbH (Germany) Product: 2C bearing shell for gear shift Material: PA66 (inside) +TPV (outside / soft) Requirements for the mould: good internal cooling demoulding of the ball shaped design Mould design and features: 4/4-cavity 2C injection mould turntable technology direct connection onto the moulded part for both […]

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Overmoulding of a coil in an automated process

Customer: WOCO Industrietechnik GmbH (Germany) Product: overmoulded coil for engine periphery Material: PA66-GF35 Requirements for the mould: automated insertion of coil into the mould complete overmoulding of the coil in the mould Mould design and features: 4-cavity injection mould in hybrid technology robot supported insertion and removal of coil fixation […]

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